• Eisenhower’s Executive Physical

    Can Be A Lifesaver - Literally!

    Dr. Jack Adams walks two miles on the treadmill at each visit to the gym.
    Dr. Jack Adams walks two miles on the treadmill at each visit to the gym.
    Dr. Jack Adams, a retired dental surgeon, believes in keeping fit.He works out at the gym regularly, briskly walking two miles on the treadmill at each visit. It’s a regimen that obviously works for this active and engaged 80-year-old Indian Wells resident.

    After a recent visit to the Eisenhower Urgent Care clinic at the Eisenhower George and Julia Argyros Health Center in La Quinta,Dr.Adams was so impressed by the facility that he wanted to learn about the other health services available at the Center.

    “When I heard that there was an executive physical program on the third floor, I decided to find out more about it,”Dr. Adams says.“My feeling has been that routine annual physicals are pretty superficial, but I thought that an “executive physical”would give me more comprehensive information about my health and would be a good investment. So, I made an appointment.”

    It was a decision that literally saved his life.

    On the day of his executive physical,Dr. Adams arrived at the Eisenhower George and Julia Argyros Health Center after a night of fasting to prepare for certain blood tests. He was greeted by Rebecca Jett, a Physician Assistant who coordinates each executive physical and conducts many of the screenings.After an initial consultation with Stephen Steele,DO, FAOASM, Executive Physical Physician and Medical Co-Director of Eisenhower Primary Care 365,Dr.Adams spent the next four hours undergoing numerous screenings and tests. These included comprehensive blood testing, vision, hearing and breathing exams, a musculoskeletal fitness assessment,ultrasound screening of the carotid and aortic arteries, and physiological and anatomical testing.

    “The last screening was the artery ultrasound,”Dr.Adams recalls.“I was watching the monitor and noticed a dark spot when they were scanning the inferior vena cava (the large vein that returns blood to the heart from all of the organs below the diaphragm).When the technologist left the room and came back with Dr. Steele, I knew something was up.”

    Dr. Steele explained to Dr.Adams that the dark spot was a blood clot that required immediate treatment, and that surgery was likely. In fact, Dr. Steele had already called Eisenhower Medical Center and arranged for a vascular surgeon to examine Dr.Adams.

    “Dr.Adams was very fortunate,”Dr. Steele says.“Blood clots that remain undetected are very serious. They can dislodge without notice, often causing death. By discovering this clot when we did,Dr.Adams was able to receive immediate treatment.”

    “Because the Eisenhower Executive Physical Program provides patients with such comprehensive evidence-based preventive screenings, it is a unique opportunity to identify any risks the patient has that could affect long-term, or in Dr.Adams’ case, short-term health,” explains Dr. Steele.

    Later that same day, Dr.Adams underwent a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which the blood clot was successfully dissolved. Today, he is back to his workout regimen and enjoying life fully. “You just never know what a day might bring,” says Dr.Adams, with masterful understatement.“Obviously, I am a big fan of the Eisenhower Executive Physical Program and can’t recommend it highly enough,” he adds.“It was worth every penny…and I am telling everyone I know about it.”

    The Eisenhower Executive Physical Program is a world-class approach to preventive medicine that provides patients with a comprehensive health evaluation tailored to their individual health and wellness needs. Eisenhower physicians structure a personalized fourhour examination that includes a range of preventive screening tests.When completed, patients have an extensive, one-on-one consultation with a board certified Eisenhower physician to review test results and discuss the physician’s treatment recommendations.

    Executive physicals are not covered by insurance. For additional information on pricing and other specifics of the Eisenhower Executive Physical Program, please visit executivephysical.emc.org or call the Eisenhower George and Julia Argyros Health Center at 760-610-7360.

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