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    Eisenhower Patients Get Connected

    For the past year, Eisenhower Medical Center patients have been able to communicate with their physicians on emc.org, by using an innovative online program in partnership with RelayHealth®, a leading provider of health care connectivity services. The program allows participating Eisenhower physicians to have secure, easy online access to patient information, and gives patients electronic access to a variety of personal management tools and informational resources. The program provides an electronic personal health record, and allows patients to use the Internet to send secure messages to doctors, request office appointments, view lab results, request referrals, refill prescriptions and receive health information — all from the convenience of their own computer.

    Joseph E. Scherger, MD, MPH, says RelayHealth is a secure online communications channel that gives Eisenhower patients access to a growing number of services.

    “I tell my patients to think of using RelayHealth in the same way they use online banking,” Dr. Scherger says.“Many different services are right there at your fingertips, and you feel confident that your communications are secure and protected. Eisenhower’s electronic system is based on the same principle as your bank’s site — the convenience of online communication, and the assurance of privacy and security.”

    Dr. Scherger says that Eisenhower patients can request appointments online, pre-register for many hospital procedures, access their personal health records and receive test results online. He says the system will continue to expand, with new patient services consistently added.

    “The new program is an important part of eisenhower’s commitment to using technology to provide the highest quality care and the best patient experience.”

    “Soon, RelayHealth at Eisenhower will be able to give patients almost everything they need in one place,” Dr. Scherger says. “Eisenhower systems will allow patients to manage their preventive care online, and automatically schedule appointments for things like mammograms, flu shots and regular check-ups.” Dr. Scherger says the RelayHealth team is also developing a comprehensive online library of patient education materials, information that has been recommended by Eisenhower physicians, so patients will know it is information they can trust.

    Among the major services that have been added to the program since its launch in 2008 is the delivery of patient test results online, and the option for patients to pre-register electronically for select appointments. The latter is currently available in several departments at Eisenhower, including cardiology, inpatient and outpatient radiology, and pulmonary, and will continue to be rolled out hospitalwide over the next year. The Web-based service will make the admissions process easier and more comfortable for patients, and more efficient for hospital staff.

    David Perez, Chief Information Officer at Eisenhower Medical Center, says the new program is an important part of Eisenhower’s commitment to using technology to provide the highest quality care and the best patient experience. “It’s our continuing vision of utilizing RelayHealth as our method of connecting the patient, the hospital and the physician,” Perez said. “We believe improving threeway communication will ultimately improve patient care and patient safety.”

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