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    Bruce Bornfleth, MD confers about a patient with Christine Ticman,LVN.
    Bruce Bornfleth, MD confers about a patient with Christine Ticman,LVN.
    When it comes to managing your health, it’s tremendously reassuring — and smart — to have an established relationship with a primary care physician who knows your medical history and understands your specific health issues. What would make it even better is having that physician available to you by phone, e-mail or in person whenever you have a problem,…and when you do need some face-to-face time, your doctor is located nearby.

    Sound good? Eisenhower Medical Center thinks so, too. This is why Eisenhower created Eisenhower Primary Care 365, an innovative service now available at three convenient locations that span the Coachella Valley: La Quinta, Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs.

    “This program is a new model of health care that offers an enhanced level of personalized service,” explains Joseph Scherger, MD,MPH, a family physician and Vice President of Primary Care at Eisenhower Medical Center.“In the traditional, office-based model of care, all care, except for emergencies, occurs during office visits, but with the Internet, we can offer a new platform for communication and care that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

    “Through a secure online application called RelayHealth®, patients can ask their doctor questions, request appointments, discuss their medications, obtain lab results, and keep us informed about how they’re doing with weight loss or managing their blood pressure, for example,” explains Dr. Scherger.“It’s a communication link that makes care more continuously available, and patients can take an active role in their care instead of being dependent on an office visit to share information or ask a question.”

    While a face-to-face appointment is available anytime the patient wants or needs it, the online communication enables physicians to use office visits more selectively, notes Dr. Scherger.“Plus, we can spend more time with patients when they do come in to see us,”Dr. Scherger adds, noting that appointments are regularly scheduled for 30 or 60 minutes.

    How Eisenhower Primary Care 365 Works
    For a modest annual membership fee — currently $595 per member age 56 and higher, or $395 per member for age 55 and younger, with couple and family rates available — you choose an Eisenhower Primary Care 365 physician to be your personal doctor at one of three Eisenhower Health Center locations.You have access to direct and continuous online communication with your doctor every day of the year.He or she will respond within 24 hours to routine communication, and in case of an emergency, a physician is always on call — backed by the resources and expertise of Eisenhower Medical Center. Plus, appointment scheduling is simplified and you can often get in to see your physician within 24 hours when an inperson visit is necessary.

    This enhanced level of access is made possible because Eisenhower Primary Care 365 physicians limit their practice to 900 or fewer patients (most traditional primary care practices take care of 1,800 patients or more).

    This approach to health care is called a medical home model of care. It’s an emerging approach to primary care that facilitates a real partnership between patient and physician.“It means you have someone coordinating all your care, looking at all aspects of your health,” Dr. Scherger says, noting that this is crucial when someone has a serious medical condition like cancer or heart disease that involves seeing multiple specialists.

    “A primary care physician will look at the complete picture, and ensure that a patient is getting all of the medical care that they need,” adds Dr. Scherger.With the enhanced access that the Eisenhower Primary Care 365 program’s online communication affords, the patient will also get all the information that they need.Now, with three convenient locations for face-to-face appointments, patients can get care where they need it, too.

    Eisenhower Primary Care 365 physicians see patients at four convenient locations:

    Rancho Mirage
    72780 Country Club Drive (Opens Spring 2011) Building B, Suite 203

    39000 Bob Hope Drive Uihlein Building, First Floor

    Palm Springs
    Eisenhower Health Center at Sunrise 151 South Sunrise Way, Suite 300

    La Quinta
    Eisenhower George and Julia Argyros Health Center, Third Floor
    45280 Seeley Drive

    For a referral to a participating physician, please visit Eisenhower365.emc.org or call 760-360-3365.

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