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    One advantage of Home Sleep Monitoring is the ability to have dianostic testing in a familar home environment.
    One advantage of Home Sleep Monitoring is the ability to have dianostic testing in a familar home environment.
    The comprehensive Eisenhower Sleep Disorder Center has recently been expanded and renovated. The Center now houses six fully equipped sleep rooms including a special bariatric area. Patient monitoring equipment has also been upgraded to meet the high standards of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), in addition to attractive new décor and furnishings. Every room is beautifully appointed and includes queen or king size beds and a private bathroom and shower. Each room features numerous special amenities including a Sleep Number® bed and hotel quality linens.

    The Eisenhower Sleep Disorder Center provides a full range of testing for sleep apnea, narcolepsy, 24-hour monitoring of seizure patients, periodic limb movements, and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep behavior disorder. The Eisenhower team of medical professionals, under the direction of a Registered Nurse, has all completed formal training in sleep disorders. The team includes Registered Sleep Technologists, Respiratory Therapists and Registered Neurodiagnostic Technologists. Staffing ratios are set to the AASM required level of one technologist for each two patients.

    Clinical studies include diagnostic polysomnograms (sleep studies), CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure machine) titration studies, multiple sleep latency tests, maintenance of wakefulness tests and CPAP management services. Patients arrive at the Center between 8 and 9 p.m. and are discharged when they have awakened naturally. The Center also accommodates patients who have difficulty driving at night.

    Portable Home Sleep Monitoring
    Portable Home Sleep Monitoring provides clinically diagnostic polysomnograms. Portable Home Sleep Monitoring is ideal for patients with sleep apnea and for whom an overnight sleep stay at the Center is difficult. The Home Sleep Monitor studies everything that is measured in the Center with the exception of monitoring of the legs.

    In particular, Portable Home Sleep Monitoring is designed for caregivers, people with pets, or individuals who must remain at home. Patients take the portable unit home for one, two or three nights, depending upon the length of the sleep study. The home monitoring system may not be suitable for individuals with multiple health problems or sleep disorders beyond sleep apnea.

    Eisenhower Sleep Disorder Center services have been expanded to offer day studies and PAP-NAPs. The PAP-NAP is a procedure during which sleep technologists work several hours during the daytime with sleep patients to provide behavioral assessment and coaching as well as physiological exposure to pressurized airflow. Patients actually enjoy the opportunity to choose the mask that they are most comfortable with, and the opportunity to test the mask with a two-hour, afternoon PAP-NAP.

    Getting people to acclimate and tolerate C-PAP is difficult, and industry-wide the success rate is only 60 percent. However, at the Eisenhower Sleep Disorder Center, the PAP-NAP has been extremely successful, with an 80 percent success rate for those patients who have failed CPAP in the past.
    To contact the Eisenhower Sleep Disorder Center, please call 760-773-1411.

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