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  • Shining Stars July 2010

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:  Jose Luis Mercado  
    RECOGNIZED BY:    Chris Shippling

    SITUATION/TASK: Very busy assignments for everyone in the CSU unit. Jose had two very bust neuro patients w/ hourly neuro checks. One of his patients was extremely ill and needed nearly constant monitoring. The other nurse had a fresh open heart with a balloon pump in addition to a second unstable patient.

    ACTION:  I received a patient from the OR and Jose was right there to help. He went from my room to his rooms and even checked on my other patient. He also kept tabs on the other nurse in the unit. He served as interpreter for respiratory therapy with a Spanish-speaking only patient who was weaning to extubate. All this was accomplished between 830 pm and 1030 pm! He assisted everyone working in the unit while ensuring his patients were given care and compassion above and beyond our unit standards.

    RESULT:  I’m not nominating him for a shining star because of this one night. I’m nominating him because this is how Jose is every shift he works. I know when I’m working with Jose that all the patients receive exemplary care, families are given the time and attention necessary to be comfortable leaving their loved ones with us and the staff is a cohesive group sharing the workload of the whole unit. I always admire and am inspired by his work ethic and his ability to put his patients, their families and his coworkers at ease with his patience, kindness and professionalism. All that I’ve mentioned is not simply Jose doing his job. It is how his job gets done because that’s just Jose!


    AWARDED TO:  Stacy Smith
    RECOGNIZED BY:  M. McLaughlin

    Letter from patient: I began this letter in late June and will finish it today, despite the tardiness of my expression of gratitude. I take this opportunity to reiterate comments I made at recent Alzheimer Support Group at Five Star.  As you know, I found the group bittersweet, blindsided by my belief that many of the issues discussed would surely not befall me or my afflicted spouse. After all, he had a national reputation in academia and served as president in several US universities and colleges. We would be immune from the deterioration of his high intellect and brain function. I beg forgiveness for my elitism.

    I quickly learned that dementia has no regard for brain power or achievement. The weekly support group you lead has become my lifeline. Without, it, I would not be coping as a caregiver in any intelligent manner. The truth is, I would not be functioning. You and the members of our group have taught me how to cope with this insidious disease.

    You are truly a unique and magnificent leader and a most astute facilitator. As a professional you continually demonstrate astuteness and knowledge about dementia. The services of the Five Star Daycare Center provides so many of us a reprieve from the daily care and also offers out loved ones an opportunity to interact with men and women similarly smitten with dementia. It is a lifesaver.

    I have so often quietly observed that this is not a career for you. Rather, it is a vocation. Your compassion is profound and your professionalism extraordinary. You possess an unstinting capacity to deal with a variety of personalities with kinkiness, patience and tolerance. There are many of us, myself included, who try your patience, but you refrain from belittling or devaluating our concerns and never tire of the endless questions we utter. I have also observed you and staff with day care attendees. The work is daunting, but the care, love, humor, and knowledge and support is awe-inspiring.

    I am honored to know you, and as my husband sinks lower into his disease, I express my appreciation for the work you and your staff execute on a daily basis. It is beyond my comprehension how you do it, but you do, and I am eternally grateful. In this, our beloved Coachella Valley, I consider you a Woman of Distinction and I wish you continued success.


    AWARDED TO:  Patty Garcia
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Shirlee Turek
    SITUATION/TASK:  A patient with a walker fell in the Lucy Curci Cancer Center parking lot. A visitor ran in to tell the concierge who called Security. Patty was just leaving the building for a class and immediately took over the situation. Two employees from the Infusion Center lifted the patient into a wheelchair after he promised he was not badly hurt and would not go to the ER. Patty examined him and found he was bleeding badly from the elbow, leg and knee. He was a coumadin patient. She ran to the Infusion Center and obtained disinfectant and bandages, cleaned his wounds and applied bandages. She and the parking attendant then took him to his car to make certain he was all right to drive. This is not the first time that Patty has stepped up to help during an emergency situation. She is a most caring and quick acting nurse and we are so happy to have her at Lucy Curci Cancer Center. Her manner is so comforting to the patients and to all.

    ACTION:  The patient was most grateful and happy not to have to go to the ER. He had bandages all over but appeared little the worse for wear and just happy to drive home.

    RESULT:  Patty’s actions are so quick and concerned. Her professional abilities and attitude made a very good impression for the Lucy Curci Cancer Center and for Eisenhower Medical Center.

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