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  • Shining Stars of the Month July Aug 2009

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:  Cindy Munoz-Flores
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Patricia Phillips

    SITUATION/TASK:  While Cindy was on her lunch break last week she was walking by Einstein’s Bakery and noticed a young man in a wheelchair that might have been choking. She came up to the family, assessed the young man and determined that in fact he was choking. With the help of some construction workers, they lifted him up and Cindy performed the Heimlich maneuver three times until food bolus came out and he starting breathing normally.

    ACTION:  As soon as I heard the story I have praised her and told her she’s my hero.  What better way to feel good about oneself than by saying you saved a life.

    RESULT:  I believe Cindy is a hero, she saved a life and prevented having to call 911.


    AWARDED TO:  Marvin Relerford
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Toni Pellum

    SITUATION/TASK: On May 22, 2009, I was asked if I knew where the morgue was and how to gain access to the morgue by EMC employee, Dianna Greer, who was trying to assist the family of a recently deceased patient. I was not able to help Dianna, but I saw Marvin Relerford walking toward the cafeteria.  I summoned Marvin to ask him for his assistance.

    ACTION:  Without hesitation, Marvin came to help. He could have just said to contact security and been on his way, but he came up to the family and introduced himself. He could see the two men were emotional as he shook the hand of both family members, he gave a brief compassionate hug and asked their names. He then asked the name of the deceased family member. He walked to the nearby hospital operator to have security contacted. He then returned to the family. One family member was on the phone obtaining more information about the location of the deceased (who was brought in as a “John Doe”). When the family member hung up the phone, he told Marvin his family member was still in the Emergency Department. Marvin then escorted the family to the Emergency Department.

    RESULT:   The result was that two family members of a recently deceased patient were given 5 star treatment and made to feel supported by someone who was willing to utilize his clocked lunch break to put this family first and help them in a most compassionate and caring way.  The family never knew that Marvin was on his lunch break, because his focus was on helping them.

    Watching Marvin interact with patients and family members makes those around him want to treat people with more compassion and patience.

    AWARDED TO:  Dr. Denny Mauricio & Ann Rigali-Promen
    RECOGNIZED BY:  David Selman

    SITUATION/TASK: A patient presented to the Cathedral City Express Clinic on June 12th in congestive heart failure. The patient was very apprehensive and wanted to sign our AMA as the ambulance transport team was standing by.  The patient stated he had a car full of groceries he needed to get home and didn’t want to leave his car behind. His oxygen saturation was dropping and he could barely finish a sentence without taking breaths.

    ACTION:  Dr. Maurcio and Ann convinced the patient he needed to be in the Emergency Room and told him they would take care of the car and groceries. Ann drove the patient’s car home as he lived close to the clinic. Dr. Mauricio followed Ann and they both put the patient’s groceries in the house and secured the house and car. Dr. Mauricio and Ann then returned to the clinic.

    RESULT:   The patient was transported to the Emergency Room and admitted to Telemetry.


    AWARDED TO:  Jeanette Parham
    RECOGNIZED BY:    Dona Connelly

    SITUATION/TASK: Following a decision to cancel our resale certificate Jeanette took on the role of coordinating this change over within the Hospital’s Financial and Materials Management systems.  As one of only two Hospitals in the State of California that had this certificate, our systems had to be customized to impute the sales tax on table items. Jeanette worked many, many hours in conjunction with an outside vendor/consultant to make the changes necessary to our systems; this included testing and eventually re-training of staff in the new processes.

    ACTION:  This was a big project that if handled correctly would be invisible to all of us working at the Hospital but would mean a big change in our systems and processes surrounding taxable items. Jeanette volunteered to take on the lead role in this process in spite of her already full workload. She insured that our vendors were notified in advance of the change in addition to fielding calls that came in regarding the change over. Jeanette also worked late hours and weekends coordinating this change in our systems including extensive testing. Following the successful testing process the changes were available for our new fiscal year.

    RESULT:  The change over means that the Hospital staff no longer needs to have expertise in the area of sales tax determination.  Exposure for under reporting of the liability is no longer an issue.  During the last audit, a refund was issued of approximately $300,000 so that Medical Center lost out on the interest that could have been earned if we had not “over paid” on sales tax. The Medical Center will also save money on the outside consultants that have been retained for auditing and evaluating our sales tax reserves.  In addition, staff time is saved as we will no longer have State Sales Tax Auditors coming to perform audits requiring the pulling and copying of invoices etc. Jeanette played a key role in our change over process and should be recognized for making this change seamless and smooth for the Medical Center.


    AWARDED TO:  Tracie McGowan
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Christine Craig and Dr. Kontaxis

    SITUATION/TASK:  Tracie was called in to assist Maureen, the ED Case Manager, with a patient who was in a medical and personal crisis in relation to a potential new HIV diagnoses.  The patient was unable to afford the medications required to treat his thrush and medical needs adequately.

    ACTION:  The interesting thing is that Tracy was inspired by this individual as a person, through his sheer will to pull himself to a better place despite his life challenges.  She saw this person as an incredible human being and out of the goodness of her heart took her $250.00 gift card that she received from the organization and gave it to this man who will benefit so greatly from her generosity.  She saw this as an opportunity to give and did so without hesitation.  This experience touched us and made us stop to see what this act of kindness can do for another human being.  I am not surprised that Tracy did this but we were nonetheless inspired as Dr. Kontaxiz was, to realize the meaning in what we are all here for, to help other people to the best of our ability.  She truly went above and beyond.

    RESULT:  We are proud to have Tracy in our department and in our organization.  She is an inspiration to us all.  I thought you should know about this and we will recognize and nominate her for a Shining Star Award. What an amazing individual.

    AWARDED TO:  Bernard Louvet
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Susan Westphal, Lynda Lewis, Marty Massiello and H.O.P.E. Committee

    SITUATION/TASK:  A Radiology Assistant called in sick on Wednesday, July 15th and again on Thursday morning at 5:30am into Bernard’s office. Bernard spoke to the employee as to why he was sick.  At that time he told Bernard that he had been burned from a propane tank explosion and he wasn’t doing very well.  Bernard called him on Thursday afternoon to follow up with him to see if he would come to work the next day and to see how he was feeling.  The employee told Bernard that he was doing very badly in comparison to the morning when he last spoke to him.  Bernard asked him for his address and decided to take his check and Target gift card to him to see how he was doing.  When Bernard got to the employees house he knocked on the door it took the employee a long time to answer the door.  When he finally got there he was doubled over in pain holding his stomach and he had bad burns on the upper part of his body.  He told Bernard that he had been throwing up about every 10 minutes and was unable to eat or drink for two days.  Bernard tried to explain to him that he needed to go to the ER, but he said he went to Desert Regional and was discharged and was worried about going to the hospital because he didn’t have any insurance.  Bernard told him not to worry and that he would take him to Eisenhower.  Bernard was helping him down the stairs to his car and called a nurse and a tech at Eisenhower to help him when he got to the hospital.  They were waiting with a wheelchair when he got there.

    The employees’ blood pressure was checked and it was 68 over 30.  At that point he was taken immediately into the ED.  He was taken in with the help of Christine Craig.  Once he was in the ED, Bernard was told that if he had not brought him in when he did the employee would not have made it another night.  He was dehydrated and the burn had affected his kidneys.  The employee was admitted to the hospital and received the treatment that he needs.  When Bernard was in the ED, he got the employee’s mother’s contact information and called her.  Both parents flew in from out of state and were grateful that they were contacted.

    RESULT:  The employee’s life was saved!


    AWARDED TO:  John Lacolst & Steve Casey
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Maureen Forman

    SITUATION/TASK:  We had a female patient who was agitated and trying to leave the room, swinging her arms, hurting herself and putting herself at risk for falling and harming herself and staff.

    ACTION:  These 2 wonderful security officers were able to work with the patient to keep her in her room safely and protect staff until the MD on call could be reached.

    RESULT:  They were so patient and professional and I was so proud to be able to work with these fine gentlemen.

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