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  • Shining Stars September 2009

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:  Joanna Vine Radiology/Outpatient, Donna Lindgren Radiology/Outpatient, Kristen McLain Radiology/Outpatient, Kathy Greer Radiology/Outpatient, Dr. Donna Fletman/Radiology

    RECOGNIZED BY:  Kenneth Hyams

    SITUATION/TASK:  The thought of going to the hospital, is at its best, not a very pleasant experience, “What can it be?” “What is the best scenario/what is the worst?” Worry, worry, worry, and try to get some sleep! Tomorrow is the big day?!  Then I met Kristen McLain.  (I think that was her name… I did not wear my darn hearing aids that day) and she introduced me to Dr. Fletman, who was most interested and gracious and immediately put me and my rambling mind at ease! The procedure is not terribly frightening specially since I had done this once before, but what was so special was the kindness and consideration that the Doctor and her staff, beginning with admittance, gave me.
    This is the first time, among very many medical experiences I have had, any medical staff treat me as a very special PERSON and not just a numbered appointment.  Dr. Fletman thank you very much for all the time you took with me, (after the “FUN TIME” looking inside me with your machine), to intuitively know how apprehensive I was when I came in!  I would love to “do lunch” with you all, but after what you provided for breakfast……well ALL I CAN REALY SAY IS THANK’S AGAIN.


    AWARDED TO:  Sal Osio/Communications/PBX

    RECOGNIZED BY:  Sharon Duncan & David Perez

    SITUATION/TASK:  Per out AT&T contract approved by the former manager, the contractual spend commitment was going to cost Eisenhower an extra $50,206.00, which was not known and not entered into the budget.

    ACTION:  Sal was able to negotiate our way out of a shortfall charge in the last AT&T contract. AT&T wanted to charge $50,206.00 to cover the difference of the contractual spend commitment and the actual spend.

    RESULT:   Sal saved Eisenhower $50,206.00, which would have been a negative budget variance.


    AWARDED TO:  Margot Rostand - Physical Therapy, Deana Melendez - Occupational Therapy, Debbie Burnett - Occupational Therapy

    RECOGNIZED BY:  4 East RN’s

    SITUATION/TASK:  A 56 year old male was admitted to hospital s/p stroke in May of this year. Upon being transferred to 4 East the patient needed rehab. However, the patient had no insurance nor did he have the ability to pay for the needed rehab services.  But, these 3 women from PT/OT department became his rehab team, for the next 2 months while insurance was obtained.

    ACTION:  OT brought in clothes and shoes from home so patient could learn to dress and re-learn how to care for himself. PT provided rehab attention during the last 1-1 ½ months of patients stay in 4 East. All involved went above and beyond by providing items from home and instruction that is  not normally a part of acute care.

    RESULT:  The patient spent 2+ months with us while insurance issues and SSI was straightened out. When the patient finally left he was able to feed himself with his non-effected arm/hand. He was also learning to toilet himself with supervision and was becoming more functional with ADL’s.  Thanks to all 3 of you!

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