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  • Shining Stars December 2009

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO: Matthew Westbrook/Plant Operations
    SITUATION/TASK:  On November 23, 2009, at approximately 1500 hrs, Matt was passing by the Bannon Building in his Golf Cart. A patient flagged him down to ask for Matt’s assistance in helping someone that had fallen. Matt immediately stopped the Golf Cart, and began to asses the situation.

    ACTION:  Upon arrival to the fallen person, Matt found the patient/visitor to be non-responsive to his voice. Matt immediately assessed his pulse and breathing. When Matt found that the patient/visitor had a faint pulse and was taking very shallow breaths, Matt immediately contacted 911, and Security to respond to the building. Matt is a stationary engineer, and rarely faces situations such as this. However, Matt knew what to do, what contact to make, and saw it through from start to finish.
    RESULT:  Even though the man passed away, Matt’s actions could have very well saved this man’s life. His actions exemplified the Performance Excellence Standards that are in place at EMC. Matt deserves to be recognized for his quick response and action(s) regardless of the outcome. His dedication to patient safety reflects great credit upon himself, and EMC.


    AWARDED TO:  Stephen Sharpe/Information Systems
    SITUATION/TASK:  I support the ED through working on various committees and special projects for our Director, Christine Craig. I was assigned the task of updating our ED web page both internally and externally on IkeNet.  I also work with Stephen on the Performance Excellence Communications Team.  I am an extreme novice with web pages and frankly needed some tutoring and mentoring. I requested Stephen help me.

    ACTION:  Without hesitation, with a smile, with calmness, and professionalism, Stephen assisted me and helped our ED develop a truly professional looking web page; adding a slide show with pictures of our new ED and helping me decide style and design.  Most important to me was that Stephen did not tell me what to do, but guided me and put up with my incessant questions.  His counsel in our Communications Team is true, honest, and thoughtful with impeccable logic. He has helped me as support for our web page in that exact same way.

    RESULT:  The result is two professional looking web pages that when viewed by employees or the general public will educate and help people see our mission in the ED.


    AWARDED TO:  Dr. Steven Stephenides
    SITUATION/TASK:  On August 21, 2009, I wasn’t feeling well and on the suggestion of a coworker I had my vitals checked at Employee Health.  My BP and PR were significantly low so I decided to have a further examination at the ED.  On the way there I experienced a dizzy spell and reported all this to the triage nurse.  Over the course of my examination my magnesium level was found to be low.  I felt much better after being given a supplemental IV, however the attending physician, Dr. Steven Stephenides, was not satisfied with the conclusiveness of the diagnostic results from a number of tests he had ordered.  Although over the course of the five hours the tests and treatment had taken, I was feeling quite good physically, however, Dr. Stephenides strongly suggested that I be admitted to EMC so that further definition of my exact medical condition could be determined.  I reluctantly agreed to being admitted. That decision very favorably altered the course of my life!

    A subsequent abdominal CT finally revealed a cancerous lesion on my left kidney. A biopsy confirmed a renal cell carcinoma, and later surgery resulted in a radical nephrectomy. My wonderful urologist, Dr. Lance Walsh, told me the post-operative pathology indicated that there was strong enough evidence to conclude that my tumor was about to become very aggressive which would have completely changed my life.

    In conclusion, nearly all the peace of mind and well being my family and I are so gratefully feeling today and everyday since that Friday in August is absolutely due to Dr. Stephenides thoroughness and professional conduct in dealing with my situation. I am forever in his debt.


    AWARDED TO: Robert Macavinta/Information Systems

    SITUATION/TASK:  EMC had to upgrade our storage area network that houses all file shares as well as clinical imaging data. The “best price” of the upgrade was an excess of $1.4 million dollars.

    ACTION:   At EMC, we never pay best price and expect 40-50% discounts from HP (our vendor). Once those discounts were applied, Robert employed several additional methods to extract additional discounts.

    RESULT:  Once Robert was done negotiating with our vendor, he was able to achieve a 70% discount. This is the single largest discount we (EMC) have received in the last 8 years.  Robert was able to secure a savings of $980,000 over HP’s “best price” and a $210,000 savings over their standard discount.  Robert did this utilizing newfound negotiation skills.


    AWARDED TO:  Vivienne Evans/Case Mgmt/Social Svcs

    SITUATION/TASK: There was an unfortunate situation on my unit, yet one that is not uncommon in healthcare. A patient had a change in his heart rhythm, and subsequently level of consciousness. The nurses involved quickly assessed the patient and situation and called a code. The wife of the patient was at the bedside and was asked to step out initially while the staff started the code.
    ACTION:  Vivienne Evans the case manager was outside the room and came to the wife’s side. Vivienne very empathetically explained to the wife what was happening and that there were many experts in the room doing all in their power to help her husband. Vivienne, knowing the importance of relationship based care and involvement of family in situations such as these asked the wife if she would like to be present in the room during the resuscitation efforts. The wife did want to be present and Vivienne and I accompanied the wife into the room. I quietly told the staff performing the resuscitation that the wife wanted to be present; the efforts went on seamlessly.  All of the staff acted very professionally and with care in explaining their actions to the wife.

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