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  • Shining Stars September 2010

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:  Erwin Johnson and Joann Silva
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Betty Battista

    SITUATION/TASK: An elderly newly diagnosed cancer patient was transferred from the hi-desert to EMC. He had a folded manila envelope with $500 in it that he brought with him since he did not want to leave it in his house in a desolate area. He placed it under his bed sheet and suddenly realized the next day that it was gone.

    ACTION:  All appropriate caregivers were contacted to help locate this envelope. One department was housekeeping. Joann informed Erwin of the siruation. Erwin started going through bag after bag, piece after piece, of dirty linen that was ready to be sent to the laundry.

    RESULT:   Erwin found the folded manila envelope – 5 $100 dollar bills were inside! Erwin, Joann and another housekeeper came to the patient’s room and returned his valuable savings. The patient was overwhelmed with thankfulness!


    AWARDED TO:  Linda King
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Cheryl Gauto

    SITUATION/TASK:   Provide OT therapy and overall body strengthening, gait and handle daily home/hygiene.

    ACTION:   Linda, far exceeded and excelled at providing me with confidence. She is extremely compassionate and far surpassed my expectations. She also, helped with grooming needs and obtained and imparted helpful steps.

    RESULT:   Linda is wonderful. She has continued to help me move in a positive direction. Discussed and answered my questions to give me confidence. She is truly a ‘treasured’ EMC employee/team member.


    AWARDED TO:  Cathy Ashley
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Sherri Ferguson

    SITUATION/TASK:  Letter received via mail from a patient that Cathy cared for on 4 East. The situation was that this patient was d/c to "The Fountains" of Carlotta to recover from a fractured pelvis. She had brought her home medications to the hospital with her when she was admitted and upon discharge they were left behind.

    ACTION:  Cathy made a special trip to the "The Fountains" of Carlotta to see this patient and deliver her medications.

    RESULT:  The patient received her medications and did not have to repurchase them again. The patient states in her letter the following: "I hope this reaches you all right. I want to thank you so very much for making a special trip to "The Fountains" of Carlotta (where I am now recovering from a fractured pelvis) in order to insure that my peraonl "meds" got to me safely. Please pardon my messy penmanship but I am writing in bed! It’s not easy! You made such a great impression on me that I wanted to contact you and thank you for your gentle care and the above and beyond pill delivery.... Thank you again so very much.


    AWARDED TO:  Shyama Chandrasena  
    RECOGNIZED BY:    Katy Hentz
    SITUATION/TASK: Patient discharge papers were being put in a laminated folder that cost $.60 each.

    ACTION:  Shyama found a folder that cost $.03 each saving EMC $5400.00 each year (approximately).

    RESULT:  Saving EMC $5400.00 a year (approx). PACU in the main hospital has switched also, included in above savings.

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