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  • Shining Stars of the Month March 2009

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO: Jaime Gonzalez

    RECOGNIZED BY: 2 North Staff

    The Rapid Response Team has been instrumental in insuring improved outcomes for our patients here at EMC. If you surveyed the staff I don’t believe you’d find anyone who would deny how wonderful this service is. One of the reasons it is so successful is because of Jaime. His many years of experience in the Critical Care departments evident in each of the RR that he responds to. His calm, reassuring attitude allows the floor staff to feel quiet comfortable calling for his assistance, they never feel that any concern is too trivial. He manages to not only respond to the Rapid Response calls, but also manage patient flow for all critical care patients, which can be extended out to 3 South, recovery room and the ED. He responds to the code blues called through the inpatient areas as well. Plus all the other responsibilities of a Charge Nurse.

    A positive patient outcome for our patient. He was one of those patients that just didn’t seem right. Jaime was instrumental in lighting the fire that resulted in the patient being moved to the unit, avoid the code blue that was inevitable! The patient’s nurse, who had less than a years experience as an RN, felt very positive about her assessment of the situation and the outcome, her confidence was bolstered by the way Jaime handled the situation. She felt very supported.


    Our patient’s are having better outcomes. Our staff has a resource available to them that provides immediate back-up when the patient begins to decompensate or even when “the patient just doesn’t seem right”.


    AWARDED TO: Matthew Westbrook

    RECOGNIZED BY: Greg Granger

    Matthew received a call regarding a possible steam leak on the new Annenberg Tower construction site. Upon arrival, Matthew found this to be a potentially hazardous situation. A situation such as this one is what caused the Steam Explosion in New York City in 2007.

    Matthew promptly evacuated the area, and found the cause of the failure. He opened the folded utility vault, walked through 42 degree chilled water, and isolated the leak. His selfless actions prevented the loss of life, and millions of dollars in damage to the Hospitals steam and HVAC systems.

    His selfless actions prevented the loss of life, and millions of dollars in damage to the Hospitals steam and HVAC systems.


    AWARDED TO: Karen Saab

    RECOGNIZED BY: Cathy Majid

    Karen works in the float pool and is often sent to SPU. On this Friday, she was given a patient that had a coronary stent placed the day before with all plans for this patient to go home. Right after change of shift the patient vomited a large quality of blood. Karen remained calm, called the MD and reassured the patient. The patient was extremely distraught with the new situation. It was decided the patient would go for an EGD. Karen explained the test to the patient and family, kept all informed as the blood work that needed to be done and the blood products that were to be hung. Her mannerism was very calm and professional. She informed the doctors of the labs as soon as they were run and anticipated the next step in his care. Dr. Thomas even called and thanked her for her compassion and excellent care. After the patient returned from the EGD he started to have severe GI bleeding. Karen remained calm and compassionate with the patient. The labs were drawn, and additional blood was required - the situation was getting critical and the decision was made to send the patient to ICU. Needless to say, the daughter was frightened; she asked Karen “Is my father going to die.” The then daughter asked if she should get other family members to come.

    Karen reassured her that the doctors were monitoring the situation carefully, but he was going to ICU for a reason. It gave the family time to make decisions and have the peaceful words that we all wish we could with loved ones before they go. The patient was transferred to ICU - received 7 more units of blood and died on Saturday.

    The daughter saw Karen in the cafeteria on Saturday and thanked her care, she said her honesty and care allowed the family to be together during a difficult time but also for allowing her the time and family support to let her father pass peacefully.

    Karen, at the same time was caring for 3 other patients when this was happening, she kept her positive, nurturing, professional excellence. (She started at 0700 with this situation and managed it until the patient was transferred at 1700.)


    AWARDED TO: Roxcy Melton

    RECOGNIZED BY: James Butler

    On Monday, February 9, Cardiac Cath lab needed a special catheter in order to perform a procedure. A part was located at St. Bernadine’s Hospital in San Bernardino. Someone was needed to drive up and get the part. Because the laboratory has couriers they were called. No courier was available.

    Roxcy volunteered to drive up to San Bernardino in a major rainstorm to get the catheter. In spite of the driving rain and heavy traffic, she was able to get the catheter down here quickly.

    The patient was able to have the procedure the same day. Patient care came first.


    AWARDED TO:Sandra Merkow

    RECOGNIZED BY: Craig Kasper

    During the process of stocking the second phase of the new Emergency Department, Sandy was assigned to order and stock stationary supplies.

    During the course of her ordering, Sandy discovered that the hospital was spending nearly $190.00 for 1000 allergy bands. Sandy researched and did comparison pricing and located a much lower price for these bands. Sandy prepared a proposal and submitted to administration.

    As a result, the Emergency Department will save nearly six-thousand dollars annually, and nearly twenty-thousand dollars hospital-wide. That is outstanding dedication. Excellent Job!!!

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