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  • Shining Stars February 2011

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:  Aubrey Kilpatrick 
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Lynda Sakai
    SITUATION/TASK:  At 5:15 on February 8th it was discovered that the front entrance to Renker Pavilion was not working. They were locked as usual at 5pm however the phone for visitors was not operational and the badge access card was gone.

    ACTION: We were told that the door would have to remain wide open all night since they could not fix the problem. Aubrey called me to say that would be completely unsafe for patients and staff and that she would stay until 10pm to open the door for staff and visitors.

    RESULT:  Because of Aubrey’s action patients and staff were kept safe for those hours.  Aubrey always thinks of others first she is an incredible young woman.


    AWARDED TO:  Ofelia Hermoso
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Kim Ullrich

    SITUATION/TASK:  Our department called the respiratory department (spoke with Ofelia) about some trouble we had performing calibrations. We asked if she could give us some advice or suggestions on how to get better outcomes with our daily calibrations and air Spirometer.

    ACTION: Ofelia came in on her day off which I thought was wonderful of her. She came to our clinic and reviewed the equipment and technique to ensure we are doing it correctly. She was helpful and patient with us.

    RESULT:   We were (and continue to) able to complete the compliance and calibration appropriately and efficiently. She is a shining star for help us out. Thank you!


    AWARDED TO:  Mandy McDanel
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Tamara Jay and Barbara Hedrick
    SITUATION/TASK: We receive a daily failed claims report that needs corrections. There are many times we are not able to stay current on these reports which in turn makes the revenue process slower.

    ACTION:  Noticing that we might be getting behind, Mandy McDanel will call and ask if we need help, or ask if we have any questions, and suggest ideas that may help to prevent the failed claims in the first place.

    RESULT:   Mandy will jump right in and help us to catch up on these failed claims. She had also suggested that we try preventing some of these ahead of time, so we implemented a procedure to do so for certain accounts, which is helping.


    AWARDED TO: Catherine Tolls
    RECOGNIZED BY: Mark Pederson 
    SITUATION/TASK: The reception area at the main entrance to the Annenberg Center is a "catch-all" for vendors, deliveries, visitors, faculty, staff and patients. As the information hub for the center, our receptionist Catey Tolls has the opportunity to lend a helping hand to all that enter the building. This requires a person who is caring, patient and totally engaged as the individuals she encounters are often stressed trying to find a room in the Center or some place on campus. In this particular situation, Parkinson patients come to the Center twice a week for therapy and they have a difficult time getting from the parking lot into their assigned classroom. Finding a parking space close to the entrance and getting to their room is arduous for them. Also, the room changes from session to session so it is confusing to them. Over the years we have received many complaints from the patients and their caregivers regarding these issues. 
    ACTION: Catey has demonstrated extraordinary compassion when it comes to our elderly Parkinson’s patients. Catey has worked with me and Security to keep the parking area free as possible of non-patient and vendor vehicles. She has suggested keeping the automatic door locked open so as they enter the building the door doesn’t close on them as they often walk too slow for the sensor to detect that they haven’t gotten in yet. She’s developed a signage system that clearly identifies what room they are located in for the morning class and she often helps them to their room if they need assistance. 

    RESULT:   As a result, the Parkinson patients and their caregivers have had an easier time accessing their classes. Catey has made friends with a number of them. Although we still field complaints on the parking situation, they are fewer and not as often and there is a noticeable difference is the positive manner our visitors view the Annenberg Center and Eisenhower Medical Center. I’ve witnessed a number of receptionists over the years here at the Center and it takes a very special and compassionate person, willing to drop everything to make our visitors welcome and cared for. In my opinion, Catey is the gold standard for this position.


    AWARDED TO:  Vincent Brooks
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Kathleen Emmons

    SITUATION/TASK:  Victor was working the check and register when he noticed a young man with a broken arm trying to carry his food tray with much difficulty (as he only had one functioning arm).

    ACTION: Victor stepped away from register and carried the tray to the checkout stand then took him over to the utensil are and helped him bag up his food, utensils, napkins etc. He could have ignored this man, but didn’t and didn’t wait to be asked to help him.

    RESULT:  Showed that he cared about this person and all the people that come through our hospital; reflected very well for the attitude of this facility.



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