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  • Shining Stars March 2010

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:   David White/Security
    RECOGNIZED BY:   Greg Granger

    SITUATION/TASK:  As with any employer during these difficult times, EMC is faced with looking deeper into our day to day operations.  Part of the challenge is managing our energy consumption, and overall electricity bill.

    ACTION:  David brought forth a list of buildings he typed on his own time, outlining what areas we could save money by shutting off unused lighting at night.  Examples of these areas are: doctor’s suites, every-other light in hallways, and buildings that are not occupied after hours.  With David’s attention to detail, he was able to clearly outline that EMC still has room to grow with energy savings.  As a security office, David took it upon himself to annotate these buildings on his daily rounds, and compile a list for facilities management to work from.

    RESULT:   With David’s report, Facilities Management was able to effectively communicate areas that are not being turned off at night to Housekeeping, Security and Plant Engineers.  This report can save the organization an immense amount of money each month by cycling off unused lamps.  Efforts such as this deserve attention, appreciation, and a pat on the back for a job well done.  David’s efforts are just one of many over the last two years that have decreased our overall winter energy consumption by 10% since 2007.  Please thank David for a job well done!


    AWARDED TO:  Jim Buxton/Laboratory
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Marian Lyttleton

    SITUATION/TASK:  Jim uses kind words and actions in all his work.  He guided a blind man arm in arm to the lab as he tells him each turn.  Jim wheels patients from lobby to lab while he speaks with a comforting and caring voice. Jim is a joy to work with as he is very kind to fellow employees.                 

    ACTION:  As patients left the Renker lab, they were very satisfied with the care and Jim was very kind.
    RESULT:  Press Ganey!


    AWARDED TO:  Sally Saban/Morrison
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Renie Brandow

    SITUATION/TASK:  My uncle Donald was scheduled for emergency surgery at a hospital in Minnesota the day before his 93rd birthday.  His only child, Mari, is spending the winter in Thousand Palms and so Uncle Donald was essentially on his own.  I mentioned to Sally Saban, my supervisor in the catering department about the situation and told her Uncle Donald’s biggest concern was that he was going to miss the birthday party his friends were planning for him at his continuing care facility.  Equally concerning to Uncle Donald was that he was going to miss the birthday cake they were going to bake for him.  I asked Sally if there was any way I could arrange for Uncle Donald to have a piece of birthday cake delivered to him on his birthday to brighten his day and let him know I was thinking about him.

    ACTION:  Sally didn’t think the MN hospital was a Morrison operation but called the number listed on the web site and found the number was not in service.  She then called the main hospital number.  The operator there didn’t have a number for the cafeteria but connected Sally to the Dietary office.  Mary in Minnesota answered the phone there and in their conversation, told Sally that it was in fact a Morrison property.  After Mary verified his full name and date of birth and determined Uncle Donald was on a regular diet, she assured Sally that she would make sure Uncle Donald would have cake on his birthday.

    RESULT:  Uncle Donald had cake delivered for his birthday! Many thanks to my supervisor, Sally and Mary in Minnesota!


    AWARDED TO:  Lloyd Shigenaga/Laboratory
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Laura Mohlenhoff

    Situation/Task:  Maureen Rall, a Lab Technical Aide, wished to complete her education and become a CLS.  This consisted of online education, proctored testing, and a monitored clinical rotation.
    Action:  Lloyd volunteered his time and effort in setting up a training program in our lab for Maureen and enlisting facilitators for each area she trained in.  He provided all of the necessary documentation to the University of Cincinnati.

    Results:  Maureen’s hard work and Lloyd’s investment of time and energy resulted in the successful completion of Maureen’s program.  She took and passed her ASCP boards this past month, and has submitted her paperwork to the state for her California CLS license.  So nice of Lloyd!

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