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  • Shining Stars May 2010

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO: Anne Baker, Erna Keyes-Nieves, Elia Gonzalez, Myra Casibang, Neil De La Cruz, Dr. Jeffrey Klempen

    RECOGNIZED BY:  Rob Fickel

    SITUATION/TASK:  My mother, who lives in Riverside, had her hip replaced at EDOC about two months ago. While watching one of her grandchildren play softball, she felt a pop in her hip followed by excruciating pain. My father called the surgeon who recommended she be taken in for an x-ray. After having an x-ray taken in Riverside, they decided to make the hour plus drive to EMC. I met my parents at the Emergency Room entrance.

    ACTION:  My mother was promptly registered and seen by the Triage nurse. Mind you, I didn’t tell anyone I am an EMC employee. It was amazing to see the quick and courteous care that my mother was receiving. When she was taken back into one of the rooms, the team jumped into action to access her condition and prepare her for her treatment. Every person who interacted with my mother was extremely kind and caring. They took the time to explain what was happening and made every effort to put all of our minds at ease. The first attempt to reset her hip was unsuccessful and had to be re-sedated and re-x-rayed. My father and I were pretty nervous that my mother would have to undergo a 4th surgery on this hip. But, Dr. Klempen and the amazing team in the department were able to successfully reduce the dislocation and alleviate the pain suffering that my mother was experiencing.

    RESULT:  My father said, “I’m glad you convinced us to bring Mom here. She would not have been this well taken care of any place else.” Mom is now home recuperating and telling all our family and friends about the outstanding care she received. Thank you to everyone who helped my mother and for exhibiting the care and compassion that makes EMC the wonderful institution that it is.


    AWARDED TO: Ann Rigali- Promen

    RECOGNIZED BY:   Rosa Lucas

    SITUATION/TASK:  The Cathedral City Immediate Care Clinic was in the middle of remodeling. New exam tables and stools were to be delivered early in the morning. However, the delivery service changed the time to a 4-hour window. The old equipment was donated by EMC to a clinic, being built for the uninsured in the east valley, which has been made generously supported by the Eisenhower administration. Arrangements had been made for early morning pick- up by volunteers with trucks to move the old exam tables and equipment to storage site. Sadly, because of the time change, the volunteers and trucks were no longer available. The equipment would not be transported.

    ACTION:  Ann went into high gear. Her son and his friends came by to pick up the equipment. That, amazingly, is only the beginning. Ann had them deliver the exam tables and equipment to her garage where they still sit! Her efficiently caused the new tables to be installed, the old ones removed and stored, with no interruption of patient services. I would have liked to nominate her in 2 categories. Yes, efficiency, but she also showed Courtesy/ Caring by her generosity in storing the clinic furniture in her garage.

    RESULT:  Because of Ann’s quick thinking, generosity and actions, thousands of dollars that can go to patient care supplies and medications have been saved. The Volunteers in Medicine Clinic will be able to provide services to the uninsured much more rapidly with the dollars saved on the equipment Ann is storing. By June, we should be able to move everything out of her garage into the temporary site of the clinic in Indio.


    AWARDED TO:  Rafael Torres- Bustos

    RECOGNIZED BY:  Dawn Brenner- Plonski

    SITUATION/TASK:  As we were returning from lunch, we noticed a woman trying to help her 60 year-old husband out of their truck and into a wheelchair. The woman was in her 60’s as well and her husband had trouble standing on his own. It was very obvious they needed help.

    ACTION:   Rafael, without hesitation, approached them and proceeded to help the man out of the car. Rafael had carried the patient, as it was obvious he was having trouble helping himself. Coincidently, at the end of the day, the couple was leaving the doctor’s office. Again, without hesitation, Rafael walked straight to the couple and helped the gentleman back into his vehicle.

    RESULT:  Rafael probably prevented the couple from hurting themselves in trying to get the gentleman in and out of their vehicle and into the wheelchair. Rafael is currently a 4th semester nursing student, but I know that you do not teach compassion like this in a classroom.


    AWARDED TO: Axell Morales and Alicia Lopez 

    RECOGNIZED BY:     Don Kaczmarek

    SITUATION/TASK: Scheduled patients and walk-in patients were delayed both by the required registration process and laboratory ordering process. This resulted in patient delays by requiring the processing to be done at the start of the visit. Patients waiting for the required information to be gathered from the various computer systems backed up other patients coming in. If problems or questions developed during the admitting or laboratory ordering process, further delays developed backing up all patients waiting. With a limited waiting area in the Argyros Laboratory, seating quickly disappeared during the choice scheduled and walk-in times. Patient frustrations were high waiting for the information to be gathered and entered into the computer systems. Unexpected problems discovered during the process further delayed all patients waiting.

    ACTION: Axell and Alicia worked together and devised a system where patients that had scheduled appointments in advance at the Argyros Lab had their admitting information processed the evening before their appointment and had their laboratory orders processed early morning the day of their appointment prior to the laboratory opening for the day. Working together and eliminating barriers to efficiently processing the patient’s registration and laboratory order processing created a quicker registration and laboratory ordering process.

    RESULT:  Patients are now more efficiently processed by both the Argyros Admitting and Laboratory. Waiting times are reduced by an estimated 10 minutes with approximately 20% more patients processed in less than 15 minutes. Personnel are now prepared for the patient and present a more professional, personal interaction with the patient. They now are able to key-in on questions or problems that before were discovered during the admitting and ordering process. A cascade effect from processing the scheduled patients more efficiently allow greater time to process non-schedule patients. The result: reduced waiting times of all patients and reduced tension for staff trying to process patients quickly. Patients now have more time for their personal lives and are able to more quickly get back to their plans for the day.

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