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  • Shining Stars December 2010

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO: Ralph Azevedo
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Sue Effinger and Patient Visitor

    SITUATION/TASK:  The nursing station was quiet; no nurses were around and a visitor came to Ralph asking if a nurse was around because her friend was very weak and had gotten up out of bed. Ralph got up to check and as he was walking toward the door saw the outline of a patient teetering over behind the patient curtain.

    ACTION: Ralph ran quickly toward the figure and reached out to catch her. He was able to catch the patient even as the commode and its contents went flying. Ralph held onto the patient until a nurse was able to come and help.

    RESULT:  Ralph’s quick actions and sincere concern for our patient’s safety (even though it is not his job) saved this very frail woman from serious injury. The patient and visitor were very appreciative of Ralph and knew that if he had not come to see if she was ok, the patient would have had a very different outcome.

    Not all people would have gotten up and physically checked if this patient was ok. Ralph is an excellent example of performance excellence. ‘That is not my job’ has never been something he would say, and it shows in his commitment to quality.


    AWARDED TO:  Natalie Ortega and Rigo Lopez
    RECOGNIZED BY: Meagan Beavers and Jennifer Schyler

    SITUATION/TASK: An elderly patient and her husband were brought into the department after the patient had a trip and fall at Macy’s. The husband does not drive at night, so he had to come in by ambulance as well, leaving the car behind. The patient and husband were both quite anxious and upset about how to get to their car at time of discharge, and worried about the safety of their vehicle at the mall.

    ACTION:  Nathalie and Rigo offered to drive to the mall, pick up the car and drive it back to the hospital so the wife would be able to drive home upon discharge.

    RESULT:   The patient and husband were so relieved because they were from out of town, were worried about the safety of their vehicle at night at the mall, and did not know how to get to the mall. They were extremely happy/satisfied and relieved to have Nathalie and Rigo help them in this predicament.


    AWARDED TO:  Robert Blake
    RECOGNIZED BY: Laura Mohlenhoff

    SITUATION/TASK: Robert does a great job of keeping current with CAP regulations. After reviewing some regulations regarding the frequency of Quality Control material runs in the lab, he thought we were running too many levels of control too many times a day.

    ACTION:  After careful research, Robert determined that we were running much more QC than was needed. After obtaining pathologist approval, he changed our procedure to align with current guidelines.

    RESULT:  Robert’s careful review of CAP standards and challenge of the status quo not only brought us in line with the latest recommendations, he also saved Eisenhower $10,000 a year! Thank you, Robert!


    AWARDED TO:  Barbara Fulmer
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Heather Herren

    SITUATION/TASK:  A patient was in the ICU without access to telephone numbers for his neighbor and daughter. He had a cell phone with all of the numbers, but the cell phone battery had died. Social Services was able to get him into contact with his daughter who lives 8 hours away. However, he was still concerned about getting someone to take care of his dog at his house. Barbara from WOC was in the room helping him and heard about his concerns.

    ACTION:  She offered to go to his house to take care of his dog today until his daughter could arrive tomorrow. She put extra food down for the dog and locked the patient’s house (per his request). His mind was put at ease after knowing that his companion was taken care of.

    RESULT:  The ICU patient’s mind was put at ease and the dog is safe. Barbara went above and beyond what most people would have done to take care of the patient’s best friend during this critical time.

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