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  • Jackie Lee Houston Shining Stars January 2013

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:   Anthony Rodriguez
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Nhel Acosta, RN

    SITUATION/TASK: We had a recent code blue at 4 South Annenberg Pavilion. The nursing personnel were already doing alternating chest compressions. Mr. Anthony Rodriguez volunteered to help out in the chest compressions and throughout the entire code blue.

    ACTION: He did a great job performing a high quality CPR.

    RESULT:  4 South Annenberg night crew is very grateful of his help.


    AWARDED TO: Carol Gunther
    RECOGNIZED BY: Shawn Giron

    SITUATION/TASK:  We recently had a patient on 2 East who was admitted for psych problems. Her stay lasted just over a month. Throughout her stay she was very paranoid and refused to let anyone help her clean or comb her hair. As the weeks went on, her hair style began to match her diagnosis. It looked terrible, and still she would not let anyone touch it.

    ACTION:   After watching her walk past the nurses station day after day, Carol approached her and asked if a hairdresser came to the hospital, Would she let her cut her hair? The patient agreed and Carol went to work, trying to find someone to help her. After many phone calls and assistance from the volunteers and case managers, Carol finally found someone to come. The next day, the hairdresser came and gave the patient a very neat short cut that would be easy for her to care for. She looked so much better. And she felt better too. When the patient saw herself in the mirror, she was happy.  She also wished she had some lipstick and eye makeup so she could look really good. The patient had no funds, and no family, so Carol paid for the hair cut out of her own pocket, and even stopped by the store to pick up a few things for her.

    RESULT:  The next morning when the patient woke up there was a little bag on her bedside table filled with cosmetics and hair combs. She was so excited. When she walked out of her room with her hair done and her makeup on, she got so many compliments. She was so happy. Her last few days with us were so much better. She had a much happier attitude. She knew that someone cared.


    AWARDED TO:   Marisol Basquez
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Patient

    SITUATION/TASK:  My husband was taken to the ER and had a MRI and was scheduled for surgery the following Thursday. The surgery cancelled and had to be rescheduled. Every time I contacted Marisol she answered all my questions. Responded to all my calls immediately and put my mind at ease.

    ACTION: Marisol handled all the issues and responded quickly to my calls. She was very friendly, understanding and efficient. She made a hard experience much better.

    RESULT:  She put our mind at ease and took care of everything for us. Made sure we knew what was going on and made a special effort. When my husband could not walk to sign surgery papers she came out to the car. Just one of the special things she did. She is a great asset!!


    AWARDED TO:   Gregory Kole
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Luc Chartrand

    SITUATION/TASK:  A patient was in the department for a hepatobiliary scan. While speaking with the patient, he mentioned that he took herbal supplements. Greg is very knowledgeable in regards to supplements and recalled liver problems associated with one of the items the patient had been taking.

    ACTION: Greg confirmed his suspicions by doing some online research during the scan. The herb is highly toxic to the liver and can be fatal. It is banned in the US orally. Greg immediately notified the physician who had not known this information.

    RESULT:   The physician was able to use the new information to help diagnose/treat the patient. The patient was informed of the serious nature of this herb and not to continue its use, preventing further liver damage or death.


    AWARDED TO:  Ralph Azevedo
    RECOGNIZED BY: Patient

    SITUATION/TASK:  On 1/14/13 Ralph was walking in to work and noticed a man and woman walking up the ramp toward a locked employee entrance of the Annenberg Pavilion. The woman appeared to be in respiratory distress, was hunched over and was stumbling.

    ACTION:  Ralph rushed over to them, prevented her from falling and quickly ran to get help. In short order he had rounded up security, the ICU Charge and a passing by RN. The patient was taken to the ER where she received treatment and was subsequently admitted to Ralph’s unit.

    RESULT:   The patient and her husband are here from Japan because her mother had died, and they do not speak fluent English. That morning they were very confused in the panic to get here and thought they had arrived at the ER entrance. The patient was so grateful to Ralph that they wanted me to write a note to the administration about this ’very, very nice man’ who ’helped us, we were so scared and lost.’ Because of Ralph’s quick thinking the patient was prevented from further injury and stabilized in the ER. It is one of those weird full circle things that the patient ended up on our unit after this, but fortunate because Ralph had not told anyone of the help he had given that morning on his way in to work. The patient did not even know his name but was so happy to run into him again on arrival to the floor and was so happy she would be able to let everyone know who had ’saved her’.


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