• Golf: Is Good For You

    It is no wonder people who love golf speak so highly of the game. One round of golf can help you reduce stress, improve sleep and build strength. Golf should not be your only form of exercise, since it does not provide a cardiovascular workout. But, once you learn the benefits, you are bound to pick up a club and get started.

    Improve strength and flexibility – Swinging a golf club is a great way to build strength and gain flexibility in your muscles and joints. A trip to the driving range will help develop your golf swing, create agility and keep your joints supple.

    Mood enhancer – Socializing and reducing stress is good for the immune system, so play a round of golf with family or friends. Even when your game is “in the rough,” you will be able to share a few laughs.

    Walk, of course – Choose a course that allows you to walk. Skipping the golf cart and walking the fairway during your golf game can be equivalent to a four mile walk!

    Balancing act – Developing a good swing while keeping an eye on the ball requires rhythm and balance, which will improve with patience and practice.

    Mind game – Not only will the physical act of playing golf release endorphins in your body and enhance your mood, but also the game provides a mental challenge. You have to think when you play golf. Using your brain will keep it sharp.

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