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  • Physician of the Month November 2012

    Amanda Curnock, MD

    #1 She is amazing, she encourages me to actively participate in my own wellness. She supports my interest/passion in finding the root cause of any issue. Even when standard tests came out normal, she did not give up. I love to research, I would send her supporting information I thought would help in solving my problem, sometimes it was out of the realm of current medical wisdom, she would review it and give me her ideas. Together, we set a plan in motion and I’ve had steady success.
    The internet is a wealth of information, but nothing is better than a real live doctor willing to be involved with her patient.

    #2 Her communication skills are exceptional, verbal and through Relay Health. My emails have always been returned the same day. This is very important to me. Other than Dr. Curnock that is my favorite benefit of the 365 program!

    #3 She exudes positive energy and approaches issues in an honest and caring way.

    #4 She never talks “at” me, I always feel included in the decisions about my health.

    #5 She is smart, smart, smart!

    #6 She’s never afraid to say, I’ve never heard of that. If she doesn’t know she finds out and she delights in the learning process.

    # 7 I really like her! She is an all around fantastic person!

    I feel very fortunate to have her on my team!

    Here is an example of her work:
    Last week one of Dr. Curnock’s patients came in for a routine visit.  The patient had a post knee surgery infection and was having IV infusions. She mentioned that she would have to continue having infusions of antibiotics for another month as her lab work showed no improvement.  The patient brought the labs with her to the appointment.  Dr. Curnock investigated.  She found that the patient’s labs that the doctor was actually looking at where old labs instead of the new readings.  When doctor Curnock pulled up the new labs on the computer, she saw that her condition was improved and the patient did not have to continue the IV infusions for another month. This only the latest of so many stories like this I see regularly.  I am honored to be Dr. Curnock’s nurse and know that she goes the extra mile to see that her patient’s get the best care wherever they go. Going the extra mile is something Dr. Curnock does everyday.

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