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  • Shining Stars November 2011

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:  Carolyn Williams
    RECOGNIZED BY: Christie Chapman

    SITUATION/TASK: In this time of cost control we are asking our RNs to do more and more with less and less. This is hard on them physically and mentally. Our isolation carts are put outside of each isolation patient's room and have three drawers, which are currently loaded with wipes and masks in the top drawer, gloves and equip in second drawer and the isolation gowns in the bottom drawer. Carolyn Williams (charge RN 4N) emailed me 11/03/11 and put forth the idea that we load the contact isolation carts with the gowns in the top drawer to save our nurses backs and make them more efficient since the gowns are the most heavily used item on the cart.

    ACTION:  Nancy and I in IP thought this was a great idea. I contacted Kristin in SPD and her staff will now start loading the gowns in the top drawer to keep them more accessible to our RNs. I also emailed all of the nursing supervisors with her idea and am having them re-arrange their own carts until SPD can get them all done.

    RESULT: Carolyn's idea and initiative reflects many things that we need to be proud of at EMC. First, just plain ‘ol’ thinking about something and recognizing that "the way we've always done it" might be improved. Second, finding a way to make our already stretched RNs lives just a bit safer (frequent bending can really damage already stressed back muscles) and more efficient. And, for all those penny counters out there, it didn't cost a dime!


    AWARDED TO:   Krystyna Dubetz
    RECOGNIZED BY: Ellen Nadeau

    SITUATION/TASK:  Krystyna noticed inconsistency with the way Nursing Assistants reported off to each other. Nursing assistant reports were noted as sketchy with inconstancy in giving patient information from CNA to CNA. She took the initiative to design and implement an effective CNA report sheet that covers relevant issues that require reporting on shift to shift, CNA to CNA. 

    ACTION:  The report sheet not only increased efficiency by reducing report time thus allowing more time for rounding on patients but also increased patient safety through addressing a focused report on patient physical limitations.

    RESULT: Nursing Assistants now hold one another accountable for ensuring accurate and timely reports are given. There actions not only improve employee satisfaction but also improve patient satisfaction, efficiency and safety standards.


    AWARDED TO:  Dr. Andrea Hladik
    RECOGNIZED BY: Tommy Wofford
    SITUATION/TASK:  The time was 05:35 in the morning on 11/19/11. An elderly lady checked into the ER with a sore throat for 3 days and was unable to get to the ER because she is the only caregiver for her Alzheimer stricken husband. The patient was in obvious discomfort with her sore throat.  She was in obvious mental anguish because she stated she had to leave her sleeping husband in bed alone to seek medical attention. Several times this lady alluded to her husband at home alone.

    ACTION: Now this was a really busy night and busy for 05:35 in the morning and Dr. Hladik still had several critical patients she was trying to disposition.  But she took the time to listen to a concerned nurse, and she promptly told me, “I will see the patient.”

    RESULT:  The patient was seen quickly.  I was working in triage and saw the patient leave the ER before 06:00am. The patient stopped at the desk and quickly thanked those of us working in triage and then she was quickly out the door. I like to think her sleeping husband was still sound asleep when she got home.   Dr. Hladik is a confident, efficient, thorough and compassionate Doctor. This kind and compassionate Doctor deserves this recognition and more.


    AWARDED TO:   Sandra Lennon
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Lynda Lewis
    SITUATION/TASK: Sandy Lennon is the Supervisor of IRL. Our products in this department are extremely expensive for the procedures performed. We have had to purchase these items in the past to have an inventory to supply the two IRL Labs.

    ACTION: Sandy took it upon herself and has been negotiating products on consignment with her vendors to lower the cost of supplies to the hospital when it comes to the IRL procedures. This will be a huge savings to the hospital at this time during the recession and the constraints that the hospital is going through.

    RESULT: Sandy has been working diligently on this project for many months and we are proud to announce Sandy’s success. By implementing the IRL products on a consignment basis Sandy has saved the hospital over $400,000.00 a year. This is a major accomplishment. She is a fantastic team player!


    AWARDED TO:   Mercedes Teran
    RECOGNIZED BY: Patient

    SITUATION/TASK:  There were a few nights I was scared and Mercy would come and calm me down and make me feel safe. 

    ACTION:  She would take my vitals and it would be late at night, I never really saw her face but hearing her voice and the things she would say would make me feel so safe; kind of like a second mom.

    RESULT: She reminded me that everything would be okay and she helped me fall back asleep after taking my vitals.

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