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  • Shining Stars of the Month June 2009

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:  Arnold Rodriguez

    RECOGNIZED BY:   Laura Mohlenhoff

    SITUATION/TASK:  A patient wished to donate his brain tissue after his death to research the disease he suffered from.

    ACTION:  Arnold came to work on his day off and took care of the transport of the brain tissue.  His compassionate handling of the situation was extremely comforting to the patient’s wife and family during a very difficult time.

    RESULT:  I received the following concerning Arnold’s willingness to go above and beyond for the family:  Dear Laura, I received a phone call from Kelly, who was the personal assistant to Mr. P., regarding Arnold Rodriguez.  She wanted you to know that Arnold went above and beyond for the P. Family.  She said that Arnold came in on a Saturday and was extremely helpful and comforting to Mrs. P. and the family. After Mr. P’s passing his wishes were to donate his brain tissue and Arnold took care of the procedure.  Kelly said that Mrs. P. wanted Arnold’s supervisor to know what a blessing he was to the P. family.  Thank you. Rene Rounds


    AWARDED TO: Ignacia Salinas

    RECOGNIZED BY:  Meagan Beavers

    SITUATION/TASK:  I was the sole RN for a busy section of the ED and unfortunately I had been overwhelmed with many immediate situations at one time.   

    ACTION:   I heard my name paged overhead, however, I had been in the middle of inserting and IV and was unable to immediately respond.  When I went to assess the patient in D2, I found our wonderful housekeeper, Ignacia, holding a emesis basin in front the patient, rubbing her back and talking to her in a soothing manner.  Ignacia took it upon herself to assist the patient who was in distress.

    RESULT:  The patient was able to vomit in a basin, rather than upon herself. This resulted in both assisting the patient, and myself as the RN, in preventing a huge cleanup.  When the patient was discharged she said, “the housekeeper you have here is wonderful, she has such a calm manner about her, and she went out of her way for me. Thank her for me”.


    AWARDED TO: Connie Cornejo

    RECOGNIZED BY:  Rosa Mayoral

    SITUATION/TASK:  On the night of May 12th, I was tending to my patient when suddenly I got a sharp pain on my right side and couldn’t breath. I started to faint, I managed to call Connie on her working phone to please come and help me.

    ACTION:   She answered and told me to hold on and rushed to help me.

    RESULT:  Because of her prompt response, and compassion and caring she herself took me to the ER where I got treated with breathing treatment and IV fluids.  I owe her my well being.


    AWARDED TO:  Torrey Willis (not pictured) 

    RECOGNIZED BY:  Myra De Guzman

    SITUATION/TASK:  Patient was very upset with diet given.  I called Torrey to give patient what he wanted.  Not knowing that patient is having problems swallowing.

    ACTION:   Instead of Torrey delivering food as I requested, he called Lowell,OT/Swallow eval staff to check on patient first to make sure it was safe to serve the food he requested.

    RESULT:  It prevented patient from possibly choking and having aspiration pneumonia.  Very impressive! A good call by Torrey who kept the patient’s safety in mind.                      


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