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  • Shining Stars of the Month April 2009

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:  Kathleen Stange, Rosalinda Garcia, Jaime Gonzalez, Randy Bloom, Lori Richerson and Wynette Whitley

    RECOGNIZED BY:  Margot Rostand            

    SITUATION/TASK:  One of the “Green Team Volunteers” Sergio had a seizure in the cafeteria.  Wynette and Kathleen promptly assessed the situation and had 911 and 55 called.  Rose, Jaime and Randy responded in a timely manner.  Lori kept bystanders aware and made room to get the patient on the floor.

    ACTION:  A gurney was brought and the patient transferred to the ED.  Dr. Feldman also checked on the patient. Many others in the café also assisted.

    RESULT:  The volunteer was transferred to the ED in a timely manner and hopefully got to go home.


    AWARDED TO:  Myra De Guzman

    RECOGNIZED BY:  Maryann McLaughlin (on behalf of a patient’s daughter)

    SITUATION/TASK:  A patient was in a terminal condition. The daughter was quite distraught.  Myra De Guzman led her staff to a compassionate passing for the patient, with her daughter in attendance.
    ACTION:  Please see the attached letter that was sent with a large floral arrangement for Myra and an additional one for the staff.

    The letter reads as follows:

    Dear Myra, 
    I cannot thank you enough for the kindness you showed both my Mom as well as myself during her lengthy stay in “227B”…your sensitivity and attention to details of scheduling for continuity in her care was amazing.  The days and nights you and Jodie arranged for Mom to enjoy privacy during this time of transition made for some precious memories I can retain in my heart, and I’m so very grateful.  I was able to softly sing to her, open the French door windows to point out stars at night and even watch the sun come up…to which she said “That’s beautiful!”  We believe she is now with my Father, with both their minds and bodies restored.  Although my heart aches for the presence, your allowing my continual vigil with her not only assured her oxygen mask stayed on, but enabled mother and daughter to be together during this difficult transition in both our lives. 

    Love, Virginia (Cook) Knowles

    RESULT:  The daughter was able to be with her mother during the more difficult of times.


    AWARDED TO:   Shelley Higuera

    RECOGNIZED BY:   Jim Reed

    SITUATION/TASK:  We order pat on the back cards approximately 1 time per year.  The total cost of each order is $5,079.74.  These cards are maintained and ordered through the graphics department.
    ACTION:  Shelley research options for us and with a few minor changes to the cards, was able to find a better price saving the organization money.
    RESULT: Shelley was able to save us $2,761.73 on each order of cards.  Thank you Shelley for investigating cost source measures.  We appreciate your hard work.


    AWARDED TO:  Bethany Coyle-Wu             

    RECOGNIZED BY:  Barbara Boyer-White
    SITUATION/TASK:  Bethany was caring for a patient admitted to the ICU 2 day’s prior.  The wife was at the bedside and asked Bethany to read her husband an anniversary card as it was making her very emotional.  That day was the couples wedding anniversary.        

    ACTION:  Bethany responded to this situation by reading the card as requested.  She then went a step further by going to the gift shop to obtain flowers and a card, which she had the ICU Staff sign.  Bethany felt is was important that this special day be acknowledged.

    RESULT:  Bethany’s actions were a reflection of nursing care at it’s finest.  Her caring extended beyond the bedside to a family in much need of support. The family member of this patient appeared very touched by this gesture of kindness, as I was to know we get to work with such a caring individual.


    AWARDED TO: Myra De Guzman & Joe Hockensmith

    RECOGNIZED BY: Carol Gunther          
    SITUATION/TASK: Patient at Renker Wellness had completed his work out and was in the parking lot at his car when he was unable to get himself into the car. He was hanging on the car door to prevent himself from falling to the ground.

    ACTION: Myra was going into Renker when she noticed the person hanging on the car door. She went to check if he was okay at which time he said no.  He needed help.  Another person was also going into Renker and Myra called to them to come and help her.  She then went back into Renker to get some help. Joe came out with a wheelchair to get him back on his feet.

    RESULT: The patient did not fall, he was able to get back into the car and go home.  (A call was placed to the patient’s wife to inform her of the situation and make sure he got home safely).  Myra had offered to drive him home, however he declined.


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