• John Samples, MD

    When he is not at Eisenhower Medical Center or helping patients in his clinic in Rancho Mirage, Internal Medicine physician John Samples, MD and his wife Feona, a nurse, can often be found helping members of their community.

    “We have a health and temperance department at our church, and one of the projects we like to do is have health talks several times a year for the benefit of the general public and church members who want to learn more about health related subjects,” says Dr. Samples. “The group also holds health fairs a few times a year.We’ve had health fair clinics on the weekends that have been very well received. My wife and I often work with other doctors and nurses in the church providing free check-ups to church members and their friends — simple things like testing their blood sugar and blood pressure and reviewing medicines.”

    The church, the Inland Empire Filipino Seventh-day Adventist Church, also does medical missionary work in underserved areas of the Philippines, and Dr. Samples is looking forward to participating in one of the missions in 2011.

    “I enjoy this work so much.All you have to do is look around you and realize that you are lucky.We are so fortunate compared to others and the situations that other people deal with every day. I feel if we are so blessed, we ought to give back and help,” says Dr. Samples.

    Dr. Samples has been practicing in the Coachella Valley for 10 years and formerly worked at the Palm Desert VA (Veteran Affairs) Clinic for seven years.

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