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  • Physician of the Month August 2012

    Dinesh Patel, MD

    Dr. Patel is the epitome of professional excellence; which is obvious in his kind demeanor during patient care, to the courteousness and respect he conveys to his staff. Dr. Patel is deeply admired by his staff for his skills as an exceptional interventional radiologist and for his sincerity and kindness as an individual.

    Dr. Patel embraces professionalism and demonstrates integrity in every procedure he performs. Dr. Patel is always prompt, valuing both the patient and staff time. In one recent experience, I recall the end of the day was drawing near and procedures were continually being added to Dr. Patel’s already packed workload. There were three difficult procedures scheduled to be performed back to back. Pleasant as always, Dr. Patel worked with the staff to align the work and completed the procedures efficiently without compromising patient care. While many of the techs were left breathless, Dr. Patel was still beaming.

    One closer glimpse of Dr. Patel’s daily demeanor may be appreciated as Dr. Patel carefully explains his procedures to each patient and kindly responds to any concerns the patients may have with sincerity. I recall many nervous patients who are quickly calmed by Dr. Patel’s genuine good nature, eliminating any remaining doubts prior to beginning the procedure. Dr. Patel is attentive to all of his patients. He remains by the bedside during the entire procedure, providing VIP care for all.

    On another occasion, I witnessed Dr. Patel take time out of his busy schedule to inquire about the well-being of a staff member. He also made recommendations on how the staff member could cope with her challenges, demonstrating genuine care for her health. These acts of kindness are what characterize Dr. Patel. Dr. Patel’s humble and servitude approach are not magnified in one defining experience, but are the norm characteristics his staff have become accustomed to and grow to respect within Dr. Patel.

    Although Dr. Patel takes the time to recognize his staff frequently, I would like to in turn, represent his staff to acknowledge our gratitude and pleasure while working with an exceptional radiologist such as Dr. Patel. Dr. Patel truly is an unsung hero amongst the staff, quietly and pleasantly, affecting positive change, one patient at a time.

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